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Archdeac. Sorin Mihalache will lecture during the Masterclass of Byzantine Chant on the connection between music, neuroscience and the Philokalia

sorin mihalache
sorin mihalache

The Masterclass of Byzantine Chant in Iasi will bring to the attention of its attendees a topical approach to the musical phenomenon, in the light of the latest discoveries of neurosciences that stand as a contemporary testimony for the high wisdom of philokalic reflections.

What happens to the human body and spirit during a musical experience? What are the influences, force and impact of a sound product on the mind and the soul? How can we increase and retain our attention during a moment of musical intensity and how can we extend these experiences and feelings in our everyday lives? An exciting world, a unique invitation first proposed to the students of the Byzantine Masterclass by Archdeacon Sorin Mihalache.

Adrian Sirbu

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