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Assoc. Prof. Maria Alexandru, PhD, and the fascinating world of Musical Paleography during the Masterclass of Byzantine Chant in Iași

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maria alexandru 0The brand name of the Masterclass of Byzantine Chant in Iași was largely formed thanks to the direct and tireless involvement of the researcher and associate professor Maria Alexandru, PhD (“Aristotelis” University of Thessaloniki).

A complex personality, the author of numerous musicological studies and of the most comprehensive course-book of Byzantine Musical Paleography, a specialist with extensive training, always concerned with the confluence between history, theory and practice, interested in musical aesthetics and meta-aesthetics, Maria Alexandru proposes a new and fascinating journey in the world of manuscripts through interactive, practical presentations. Thus, the work of Maistoras St. John Koukouzelis (13th -14th century) will be presented to the students and the most important didactic poems from classical propaedeias, including the Great Ison (Mega Ison), will be studied. Also, classical methods for the improvement of the chanting technique will be revealed with the help of the paralaghia exercises that the Byzantines would practice, based on the Wheel (Trochos).

The Courses of Classical Oriental Music (Instrumental Oriental Music), which will be given by Maria Alexandru together with the Musical Paleography Team of the University of Thessaloniki, are meant to deepen the world of Byzantine intervals and scales with the help of untempered musical instruments. The element of novelty is provided by the approach of classical oriental instrumental pieces (signed by Dimitrie Cantemir or Gheorghios Prasinos), to which all students who play an untempered instrument are invited to participate.

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